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Don’t stop living just because I do…

In the aftermath of crushing grief, sole parent Kate Whittaker must learn to live and love again. It’s been tough raising her young son and wrangling a university fundraising job, an overbearing mother and a best friend intent on matchmaking her with someone new.

When Kate and her boss, Hugh, become stranded in a sleepy hamlet north of Byron Bay, she finally has a chance to process all that she’s been through and all that the future might hold. Caught in an impossible tangle of loss, love and unexpected longing, Kate wonders if she can risk her heart again.

But when it becomes clear that Hugh is hiding a secret from her past, all she has to guide her is the trail of scribbled notes she once used to hold her life together. The first note captured her heart. Will the last note set it free? 

Penguin Random House Australia & New Zealand

Zibby Books North America, Canada

“Grey's debut adult novel will break readers' hearts, taking them on an emotional ride but leaving them feeling hopeful. Grey's eloquent writing about the loss of a partner will create an ache in readers' hearts. This tearjerker will make readers cheer for the joyful ending.”

Booklist (starred review)

“Emma Grey weaves riotous romantic comedy through a journey from love to loss and back again with a raw honesty and intensity that is equalled only by her capacity to find humour and light in the darkest of moments.”

―Nina Campbell, author of Daughters of Eve

“At its core, The Last Love Note is as heartwarming as it is heartbreaking. With vulnerability and honesty, Grey takes us through the entire spectrum of love. The novel is passionate and soulful, terrifying and devastating. The Last Love Note serves as a reminder that it really is better to have loved and lost than never loved at all.”

Bodhi Byles, Books & Publishing

"A moving portrait of love, loss and the messy emotions that live in between. And while Emma captures heart-wrenching scenes, the intimate prose is relatable, revealing and simply human. Yes, you will need tissues on hand―as well as a cuppa."


“The Last Love Note is a romcom both sparkling and heartbreaking in equal measure―we're invited into the story of Kate, grieving single parent, finds herself stranded with her boss in a sleepy hamlet, with only a trail of scribbled love notes to hold a secret from her past―that he's hiding.”

Dymocks Books

“This book looks and sounds like a typical rom-com…But then it takes an unexpected left turn that elevates it to another level. To put it simply, this book was heartbreakingly beautiful and unexpectedly funny all at once and such a fantastic surprise. Grey does a fantastic job of telling a heartbreaking story with a blend of warmth and humour that is difficult to nail. Just be warned, you will laugh out loud and you will cry.”

Mercedes Maguire, Sydney Daily & Sunday Telegraphs


Paige Toon

“An exquisitely heartbreaking emotional love story, packed with light, tender touches. I will be recommending this to everyone."

Alexandra Potter

“So much more than a romcom - beautifully written, both funny and heartbreaking and ultimately filled with hope.”

Hazel Hayes

“The Last Love Note is a beautifully blindsiding sort of book. A funny, touching page-turner, which I’ve no doubt will touch the heart of many readers"


Emma is a novelist, feature writer, photographer, professional speaker and accountability coach.

She has been writing fiction since she first fell for Anne of Green Gables at fourteen and is the author of the YA novels Unrequited: Boy band meets girl, Tilly Maguire and the Royal Wedding Mess, the non-fiction title, I Don’t Have Time (co-authored with Audrey Thomas), and the parenting memoir Wits’ End Before Breakfast! Confessions of a Working Mum. 

Along with her schoolfriend, dual ARIA-winning composer, Sally Whitwell, Emma co-wrote two musicals, Deadpan Anti-Fan and Fairytale Derail, based on her teen novels.

She wrote her first adult novel, The Last Love Note, in the wake of her husband’s death. It’s a fictional tribute to their love, an attempt to articulate the magnitude of her loss and a life-affirming commitment to hope.

Emma lives just outside Canberra, where her world centres on her two adult daughters, young son, loved step-children and step-grandchildren, writing, photography and endlessly chasing the Aurora Australis.  

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This is a snort-laugh-out-loud, heart wrenching journey through a grief so deep and true, it will change the way you look at love and loss forever.


author of Daughters of Eve

It's magnificent!

I fell in love with these characters and became deeply invested. Couldn't put it down. 


The Last Love Note is an exquisite and desperately funny homage to lost love and burgeoning hope. I can’t tell you whether I cried more or laughed more, but I can tell you my heart will never be the same after reading it.


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